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Movie Top Actors Genres Duration Director Writer Composer Cinemato grapher ProdCo Countries Rating Votes Last 2 Scheduled All Scheduled
Desert Pursuit (1952)
Morris, Wayne; Grey, Virginia; Tobias, George; (and 3 others) Western 71 min Blair, George Darling, Scott; Perkins, Kenneth
Sickner, William A. Lindsley Parsons Picture Corporation [us] USA 5.3 35 2018-10 Shown(1x)
College Swing (1938)
Burns, George; Allen, Gracie; Raye, Martha; (and 12 others) Comedy 86 min Walsh, Raoul Brennan, Frederick Hazlitt; DeLeon, Walter; Lesser, Ted; Martin, Francis; Sturges, Preston Jenkins, Gordon Milner, Victor Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.4 304 2018-10 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Captain's Pup (1938)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: Shadow on the Wall (1939)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Popeye: King of the Mardi Gras (1933)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Let's Make It Legal (1951)
Colbert, Claudette; Carey, Macdonald; Scott, Zachary; (and 5 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 77 min Sale, Richard Braus, Mortimer; Diamond, I.A.L.; Herbert, F. Hugh Mockridge, Cyril J. Ballard, Lucien Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation [us] USA 6.3 776 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Mummy's Ghost (1944)
Chaney Jr., Lon; Carradine, John; Lowery, Robert; (and 9 others) Fantasy; Horror 61 min Le Borg, Reginald Jay, Griffin; Sucher, Henry; Weisberg, Brenda Skinner, Frank Sickner, William A. Universal Pictures [us] USA 5.8 1666 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Mummy's Curse (1944)
Chaney Jr., Lon; Coe, Peter; Christine, Virginia; (and 9 others) Fantasy; Horror; Thriller 60 min Goodwins, Leslie Abrams, Leon; Babcock, Dwight V.; Drake, Oliver; Richmond, Ted; Schubert, Bernard Lava, William; Sawtell, Paul Miller, Virgil Universal Pictures [us] USA 5.6 1661 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Pauline at the Beach (1983)
[Pauline à la plage (1983)]
Langlet, Amanda; Dombasle, Arielle; Greggory, Pascal; (and 3 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 94 min Rohmer, Éric Rohmer, Éric Valéro, Jean-Louis Almendros, Néstor Les Films Ariane [fr]; Les Films du Losange [fr] France 7.5 4827 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Once You Kiss a Stranger... (1969)
Burke, Paul; Lynley, Carol; Hyer, Martha; (and 11 others) Thriller 106 min Sparr, Robert Highsmith, Patricia; Katkov, Norman; Tarloff, Frank Fagas, Jimmie Marquette, Jacques R. Warner Brothers/Seven Arts [us] USA 5.8 139 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Danger Route (1967)
Johnson, Richard; Lynley, Carol; Bouchet, Barbara; (and 12 others) Action; Drama; Thriller 92 min Holt, Seth Banks Stewart, Robert; Roberts, Meade; York, Andrew Mayer, John Waxman, Harry Amicus Productions [gb] UK 5.7 132 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Beautiful People (1974)
[Animals Are Beautiful People (1974)]

Comedy; Documentary 92 min Uys, Jamie Uys, Jamie
Uys, Jamie Mimosa Films [za] South Africa 8.3 3105 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Gizmo! (1977)

Comedy; Documentary 77 min Smith, Howard Cox, Kathleen; Hollander, Nicholas; Whelton, Clark Lavsky, Richard
High Wire Production USA 7.8 363 2018-10 Shown(1x)
A Brief History of Time (1991)
Hawking, Isobel; Hawking, Stephen; Humphrey, Janet; Hawking, Mary; (and 15 others) Biography; Documentary 80 min Morris, Errol Hawking, Stephen Glass, Philip Bailey, John (I); Czapsky, Stefan Amblin Entertainment [us]; Anglia Television [gb]; Channel Four Films [gb]; National Broadcasting Company (NBC) [us]; Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) [jp] UK; Japan; USA 7.4 4152 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: Trap of the Wasp (1939)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Adventures of Popeye (1935)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Green Ray (1986)
[Le rayon vert (1986)]
Rivière, Marie; Chemakhi, Amira; Richez, Sylvie; (and 32 others) Drama; Romance 98 min Rohmer, Éric Rivière, Marie; Rohmer, Éric Valéro, Jean-Louis Maintigneux, Sophie Les Films du Losange [fr]; Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication [fr]; Ministères de la Culture de l'industrie et des P.T.T. [fr]; P.T.T. [fr] France 7.8 4580 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Magician Mickey (1937)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short 8 min Hand, David Stallings, Vernon Malotte, Albert Hay
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.4 585 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Little Whirlwind (1941)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Romance; Short 8 min Thomson, Riley
Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.0 325 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Flight of the Navigator (1986)
Cramer, Joey; Reubens, Paul; De Young, Cliff; (and 38 others) Adventure; Family; Sci-Fi 90 min Kleiser, Randal Baker, Mark H.; Burton, Michael; MacManus, Matt Silvestri, Alan Glennon, James New Star Entertainment [us]; Producers Sales Organization (PSO) [us]; Viking Films [us]; Walt Disney Pictures [us] USA 6.9 36461 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Pluto's Sweater (1949)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short 7 min Nichols, Charles A. Gurney, Eric; Schaffer, Milt Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.0 198 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Last Flight of Noah's Ark (1980)
Gould, Elliott; Bujold, Geneviève; Schroder, Ricky; (and 11 others) Adventure; Family 97 min Jarrott, Charles Bloom, George Arthur; Carabatsos, Steven W.; Gann, Ernest K.; Glass, Sandy Jarre, Maurice Wheeler, Charles F. Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 5.8 943 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Eight on the Lam (1967)
Hope, Bob; Diller, Phyllis; Winters, Jonathan; (and 11 others) Comedy 107 min Marshall, George Fisher, Bob; Lewin, Albert E.; Marx, Arthur; Styler, Burt Romanis, George Stensvold, Alan Hope Enterprises [us] USA 5.5 350 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Nurse on Wheels (1963)
Mills, Juliet; Lewis, Ronald; Sims, Joan; (and 18 others) Comedy 85 min Thomas, Gerald Burke, John; Hudis, Norman Rogers, Eric Hume, Alan (I) Peter Rogers Productions [gb] UK 5.9 178 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Raising the Wind (1961)
Robertson Justice, James; Phillips, Leslie; Massie, Paul; (and 35 others) Comedy; Drama; Romance 91 min Thomas, Gerald Montgomery, Bruce Montgomery, Bruce Hume, Alan (I) Peter Rogers Productions [gb] UK 6.1 179 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Dead Sleep (1990)
Blair, Linda; Bonner, Tony; Booth, Andrew; (and 35 others) Mystery; Thriller 86 min Mills, Alec Rymer, Michael May, Brian Stokes, John (I) Village Roadshow Pictures [au] Australia 4.8 178 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: City of Terror (1939)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Popeye: The Spinach Overture (1935)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Hunted (1948)
Foster, Preston; Belita; Watkin, Pierre; (and 9 others) Crime; Drama; Film-Noir 88 min Bernhard, Jack Fisher, Steve Kay, Edward J. Neumann, Harry (I) Scott R. Dunlap Productions [us] USA 6.6 123 2018-10
The Wanderers (1979)
Wahl, Ken; Friedrich, John; Allen, Karen; (and 64 others) Drama 112 - 117 min Kaufman, Philip Kaufman, Philip; Kaufman, Rose; Price, Richard
Chapman, Michael (I) Film Finance Group; Orion Pictures [us]; Polyc International BV USA 7.4 8114 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Strange Life of Dr. Frankenstein (2018)

The Story on Page One (1959)
Hayworth, Rita; Franciosa, Anthony; Young, Gig; (and 10 others) Drama 118 min Odets, Clifford Odets, Clifford Bernstein, Elmer Howe, James Wong (I) Jerry Wald Productions [us] USA 7.1 335 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Night Monster (1942)
Lugosi, Bela; Atwill, Lionel; Erickson, Leif; (and 12 others) Horror; Mystery; Thriller 73 min Beebe, Ford Young, Clarence Upson
Van Enger, Charles (I) Universal Pictures [us] USA 6.4 720 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Human Monster (1940)
[The Dark Eyes of London (1939)]
Lugosi, Bela; Williams, Hugh; Gynt, Greta; (and 3 others) Crime; Drama; Horror; Mystery 73 min Summers, Walter Argyle, John; Kirwan, Patrick; Summers, Walter; Van Lusil, Jan; Wallace, Edgar Jones, Guy Langley, Bryan John Argyle Productions [gb] UK 5.9 790 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Gilda Live (1980)
Radner, Gilda; Novello, Don; Shaffer, Paul; (and 6 others) Comedy; Documentary 96 min Michaels, Lorne; Nichols, Mike Beatts, Anne; Michaels, Lorne; Miller, Marilyn Suzanne; Novello, Don; O'Donoghue, Michael; Radner, Gilda; Shaffer, Paul; Shuster, Rosie; Zweibel, Alan Hamlisch, Marvin; Hardwick, Cheryl; O'Donoghue, Michael; Shaffer, Paul Churchill, Ted Broadway Productions USA 7.1 388 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Moonshine War (1970)
McGoohan, Patrick; Widmark, Richard; Alda, Alan; (and 16 others) Comedy; Crime; Drama 100 min Quine, Richard Leonard, Elmore Karger, Fred Kline, Richard H. Filmways Pictures [us] USA 6.0 262 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Devil's Eight (1969)
[The Devil's 8 (1969)]
George, Christopher; Fabian; Nardini, Tom; (and 13 others) Crime; Drama; Thriller 98 min Topper, Burt Gordon, Larry; Huyck, Willard; Milius, John; White, James Gordon Lloyd, Michael; Styner, Jerry Glouner, Richard C. American International Pictures (AIP) [us] USA 5.1 183 2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Hand (1981)
Caine, Michael; Marcovicci, Andrea; McEnroe, Annie; (and 19 others) Drama; Horror; Thriller 104 min Stone, Oliver Brandel, Marc; Stone, Oliver Horner, James Baggot, King (II) Orion Pictures [us]; Warner Bros. [us] USA 5.4 4639 2018-10 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Who Killed Who? (1943)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Gun Law Justice (1949)
Wakely, Jimmy; Taylor, Dub; Adams, Jane; (and 8 others) Western 55 min Hillyer, Lambert Dickey, Basil
Neumann, Harry (I) Monogram Pictures [us] USA 5.9 11 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: The Secret Passage (1939)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Vim, Vigor & Vitaliky (1936)

2018-10 Shown(1x)
The Frozen Dead (1966)
Andrews, Dana; Palk, Anna; Gilbert, Philip; (and 10 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 95 min Leder, Herbert J. Leder, Herbert J. Banks, Don Boulton, Davis Gold Star Productions Ltd.; Seven Arts Productions [us] UK 5.1 418 2018-10 Shown(1x)
Suspense (1913)
Weber, Lois; Paul, Val; Gerrard, Douglas; (and 1 others) Drama; Short; Thriller 10 min Smalley, Phillips; Weber, Lois Weber, Lois

Rex Motion Picture Company [us] USA 7.4 698 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mabel's Blunder (1914)
Normand, Mabel; McCoy, Harry; Chase, Charley; (and 5 others) Comedy; Short 13 min Normand, Mabel Normand, Mabel

Keystone Film Company [us] USA 5.6 173 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Call of the Cumberlands (1916)
Farnum, Dustin; Kingston, Winifred; Standing, Herbert; (and 7 others) Drama 50 min Lloyd, Frank Buck, Charles Neville; Ivers, Julia Crawford
Clawson, Dal Pallas Pictures [us] USA

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Her Defiance (1916)
Madison, Cleo; Duncan, Taylor N.; Hearn, Edward; (and 2 others) Drama; Short
King, Joe; Madison, Cleo Gates, Harvey

Rex Motion Picture Company [us] USA

2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Curse of Quon Gwon: When the Far East Mingles with the West (1916)

Short 35 min Wong, Marian E. Wong, Marian E.

Mandarin Film Co. [us] USA 5.7 49 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Lawnmower Man (1992)
Fahey, Jeff; Brosnan, Pierce; Wright, Jenny; (and 25 others) Horror; Sci-Fi 140 min Leonard, Brett Everett, Gimel; King, Stephen; Leonard, Brett Wyman, Dan Carpenter, Russell (I) Allied Vision [gb]; Fuji Eight Company Ltd. [jp]; Lane Pringle Productions UK; USA; Japan 5.4 29388 2018-11 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Barney Bear's Victory Garden (1942)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Gunman (1952)
Wilson, Whip; Knight, Fuzzy; Brooks, Rand; (and 8 others) Western 52 min Collins, Lewis D. Myton, Fred Kraushaar, Raoul Miller, Ernest (I) Silvermine Productions [us] USA 6.4 10 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: The Devil's Playmate (1939)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Popeye: A Clean Shaven Man (1936)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Valmont (1989)
Firth, Colin; Bening, Annette; Tilly, Meg; (and 24 others) Drama; Romance 137 min Forman, Milos Carrière, Jean-Claude; Forman, Milos; Laclos, Choderlos de Palmer, Christopher Ondrícek, Miroslav Renn Productions [fr]; Timothy Burrill Productions [gb] France; USA 7.0 10746 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Les dames du Bois de Boulogne (1945)
Bernard, Paul; Casares, María; Labourdette, Elina; (and 9 others) Drama; Romance 86 min Bresson, Robert Bresson, Robert; Cocteau, Jean; Diderot, Denis Grünenwald, Jean-Jacques Agostini, Philippe Les Films Raoul Ploquin [fr] France 7.4 3053 2018-11 Shown(1x)
October (Ten Days that Shook the World) (1928)
[Oktyabr (1928)]
Popov, Nikolay; Nikandrov, Vasili Drama; History 95 min Aleksandrov, Grigoriy; Eisenstein, Sergei M. Agapow, Boris; Aleksandrov, Grigoriy; Eisenstein, Sergei M.; Reed, John Meisel, Edmund; Shostakovich, Dmitri Tisse, Eduard Sovkino [suhh] Soviet Union 7.5 5376 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Broadway Love (1918)
Phillips, Dorothy; Hansen, Juanita; Stowell, William; (and 4 others) Romance
Park, Ida May Park, Ida May; Wonderly, W. Carey
Gray, King D. Universal Film Manufacturing Company [us] USA 6.6 9 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Dream Lady (1918)
Myers, Carmel; Holding, Thomas; Emerson, Kathleen; (and 3 others) Mystery
Wilson, Elsie Jane Myton, Fred; Widdemer, Margaret

Universal Film Manufacturing Company [us] USA

2018-11 Shown(1x)
A Daughter of the Law (1921/I)
Myers, Carmel; O'Brien, John B.; Kohler, Fred; (and 4 others) Crime; Drama 50 min Conway, Jack Camp, Wadsworth; Gates, Harvey
Glennon, Bert Universal Film Manufacturing Company [us] USA

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Salome (1923)
Allen, Diana; Coleman, Vincent; Winthrop, Christine Drama; Romance
Strauss, Malcolm

Malcolm Strauss Pictures USA 5.3 6 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Motherhood: Life's Greatest Miracle (1925)
Patton, George E.; Chase, Adelaide M. Drama
Lawrence, Lita Lawrence, Lita

Blue Ray Productions USA

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Linda (1929)
Baxter, Warner; Foster, Helen; Beery, Noah; (and 4 others) Drama 75 min Davenport, Dorothy Alton, Maxine; Montague, Margaret Prescott; Noy, Wilfred; O'Connor, Frank; Todd, Ruth
Baldridge, Bert; Cronjager, Henry; Laszlo, Ernest Mrs. Wallace Reid Productions [us] USA 7.2 31 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Wild Affair (1965)
Kwan, Nancy; Morgan, Gladys; Marsden, Betty; (and 19 others) Comedy 88 min Krish, John Krish, John; Sansom, William Slavin, Martin Ibbetson, Arthur Bryanston/Seven Arts [gb] UK 6.8 31 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Lady Street Fighter (1981) (V)
Harmon, Renee; McCrea, Jody; Carradine, Trace; (and 1 others) Action 73 min Bryan, James

Reed, Max (I) James Bryan Productions [us] USA 4.3 57 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Sister Street Fighter (1974)
[Onna hissatsu ken (1974)]
Shiomi, Etsuko; Chiba, Shin'ichi; Uchida, Asao; Ôhori, Sanae; (and 3 others) Action; Crime 80 min Yamaguchi, Kazuhiko Kakefuda, Masahiro; Suzuki, Noribumi Kikuchi, Shunsuke Nakajima, Yoshio (I) Toei Tokyo [jp] Japan 6.3 846 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Billy Jack (1971)
Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores; Howat, Clark; (and 39 others) Action; Drama 114 min Laughlin, Tom Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores Lowe, Mundell Koenekamp, Fred J.; Stephens, John M. Eaves Movie Ranch [us]; National Student Film Corporation; Warner Bros. [us] USA 6.2 4706 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Trial of Billy Jack (1974)
Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores; Izay, Victor; (and 41 others) Action; Drama; Music; Thriller 170 min Laughlin, Tom Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores Bernstein, Elmer Marta, Jack A. Taylor-Laughlin Productions USA 4.7 1012 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Billy Jack Goes to Washington (1977)
Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores; Marshall, E.G.; (and 17 others) Drama; Thriller 114 - 155 min Laughlin, Tom Buchman, Sidney; Foster, Lewis R.; Laughlin, Tom; Taylor, Delores Bernstein, Elmer Marta, Jack A. Billy Jack Enterprises USA 4.5 513 2018-11 Shown(1x)
College Humor (1933)
Crosby, Bing; Oakie, Jack; Arlen, Richard; (and 15 others) Comedy 80 min Ruggles, Wesley Binyon, Claude; Butler, Frank; Fales, Dean Jackson, Howard; Leipold, John Tover, Leo Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.6 96 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Trouble Brewing (1939)
Formby, George; Withers, Googie; McNaughton, Gus; (and 6 others) Comedy; Musical; Romance 87 min Kimmins, Anthony Hogan, Michael; Kimmins, Anthony; MacPhail, Angus Phillips, Van Neame, Ronald Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) [gb] UK 6.9 86 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Let George Do It! (1940)
Formby, George; Calvert, Phyllis; Marsh, Garry; (and 10 others) Comedy; Musical; War 82 min Varnel, Marcel Dearden, Basil; Dighton, John; MacPhail, Angus; Melford, Austin
Neame, Ronald Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) [gb]; Ealing Studios [gb] UK 6.9 157 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Keep Your Seats, Please! (1936)
Formby, George; Desmond, Florence; McNaughton, Gus; (and 8 others) Comedy; Musical 82 min Banks, Monty Geraghty, Thomas J.; Hay, Ian; Ilf, Ilya; Kimmins, Anthony; Petrov, Yevgeni Irving, Ernest Boyle, John W. Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) [gb] UK 6.8 88 2018-11 Shown(1x)
No Limit (1935)
Formby, George; Desmond, Florence; Douglas, Howard; (and 10 others) Comedy; Musical; Sport 70 - 80 min Banks, Monty Geraghty, Thomas J.; Greenwood, Walter; Thompson, Fred Hamilton, Ord Martin, Robert (I) Associated Talking Pictures (ATP) [gb] UK 6.6 185 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Eyes of a Stranger (1981)
Tewes, Lauren; Leigh, Jennifer Jason; DiSanti, John; (and 29 others) Horror; Thriller 84 min Wiederhorn, Ken Bloom, Eric L.; Kurz, Ron Einhorn, Richard Rojas, Mini Georgetown Productions Inc. USA 5.9 1475 2018-11 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Jerky Turkey (1945)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Montana Incident (1952)
Wilson, Whip; Brooks, Rand; Neill, Noel; (and 6 others) Action; Western 54 min Collins, Lewis D. Ullman, Daniel B. Kraushaar, Raoul Miller, Ernest (I) Silvermine Productions [us] USA 7.2 12 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: The Fatal Crash (1939)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Brotherly Love (1936)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Salt Water Daffy (1933)
Haley, Jack; Howard, Shemp; Judels, Charles; (and 1 others) Comedy; Short 21 min McCarey, Ray Henley, Jack; Lambert, Glen
DuPar, Edwin B. Warner Bros. [us] USA 5.8 53 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Profound Desires of the Gods (1968)
[Kamigami no fukaki yokubô (1968)]
Mikuni, Rentarô; Kawarasaki, Chôichirô; Kitamura, Kazuo; (and 15 others) Drama 173 min Imamura, Shôhei Hasebe, Keiji; Imamura, Shôhei Mayuzumi, Toshirô Tochizawa, Masao Nikkatsu [jp] Japan 7.8 916 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Men Don't Leave (1990)
Lange, Jessica; Howard, Arliss; O'Donnell, Chris; Cusack, Joan; (and 44 others) Drama 115 min Brickman, Paul Benedek, Barbara; Brickman, Paul; Mizrahi, Moshé Newman, Thomas Surtees, Bruce Geffen Company, The [us] USA 6.7 2068 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Secrets & Lies (1996)
Spall, Timothy; Logan, Phyllis; Blethyn, Brenda; (and 61 others) Drama 136 min Leigh, Mike Leigh, Mike Dickson, Andrew Pope, Dick (I) Channel Four Films [gb]; CiBy 2000 [fr]; Thin Man Films [gb] France; UK 8.0 30643 2018-11 Shown(1x)
River's Edge (1986)
Glover, Crispin; Reeves, Keanu; Skye, Ione; (and 20 others) Crime; Drama 99 min Hunter, Tim Jimenez, Neal Knieper, Jürgen Elmes, Frederick Hemdale [gb]; Island [us] USA 7.1 12748 2018-11 Shown(1x)
MGM Cartoons: Grin and Share It (1957)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Wyoming Roundup (1952)
Wilson, Whip; Farrell, Tommy; Coates, Phyllis; (and 8 others) Western 53 min Carr, Thomas Ullman, Daniel B. Kraushaar, Raoul Miller, Ernest (I); Van Enger, Charles (I) Silvermine Productions [us] USA 6.3 20 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: Gamble for Life (1939)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Popeye: I-ski, Love-ski, You-ski (1933)

2018-11 Shown(1x)
Les mistons (1957)
Blain, Gérard; Lafont, Bernadette; François, Michel Comedy; Short 18 - 25 min Truffaut, François Pons, Maurice; Truffaut, François Leroux, Maurice Malige, Jean Les Films du Carrosse [fr] France 7.3 2399 2018-11 Shown(1x)
The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (1975)
Dell, Gabriel; Geer, Will; Comer, Anjanette; (and 14 others) Comedy; Crime; Mystery; Romance 80 min Hargrove, Dean Dell, Gabriel; Hargrove, Dean DeBenedictis, Dick Butler, Bill (I) Strathmore Productions USA 7.1 79 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore (1998)
Gerstein, Lisa; Enright, Chris; Cruikshank, Greg; (and 37 others) Drama; Romance 98 min Jacobson, Sarah Jacobson, Sarah Kolesnikow, Rama Dodds, Adam
USA 6.4 117 2018-11 Shown(1x)
I Was a Teenage Serial Killer (1993)

Comedy; Horror; Short 27 min Jacobson, Sarah Jacobson, Sarah
Jacobson, Sarah (I) Station Wagon Productions USA 5.9 68 2018-11 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: Across the Deadline (1939)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Bridge Ahoy! (1936)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Final Exam (1981)
Bagdadi, Cecile; Rice, Joel S.; Brown, Ralph; (and 14 others) Horror 89 min Huston, Jimmy Huston, Jimmy Scott, Gary S. Cathcart, Darrell Motion Picture Marketing (MPM) [us]; Peninsula Management Productions [us] USA 4.8 1754 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Night School (1981)
Mann, Leonard; Ward, Rachel; Snyder, Drew; (and 26 others) Horror; Mystery 88 min Hughes, Ken Avergon, Ruth Fiedel, Brad Irwin, Mark (I) Fiducial Resource Industrial; Lorimar Film Entertainment [us]; Paramount Pictures [us]; Resource Films USA 5.2 1267 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: Terror Rides the Rails (1939)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Popeye: What--No Spinich (1936)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
The Monster and the Girl (1941)
Drew, Ellen; Paige, Robert; Lukas, Paul; (and 13 others) Crime; Drama; Horror; Thriller 65 min Heisler, Stuart Anthony, Stuart Carbonara, Gerard Milner, Victor Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.1 295 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Mr. Love (1985)
Jackson, Barry; Denham, Maurice; Tyzack, Margaret; (and 5 others) Comedy 91 min Battersby, Roy Eastaugh, Kenneth Russell, Willy Tickner, Clive Enigma Productions [gb]; Enigma TV [gb]; Goldcrest Films International [gb] UK 7.2 73 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Winter People (1989)
Russell, Kurt; McGillis, Kelly; Bridges, Lloyd; (and 20 others) Drama 110 min Kotcheff, Ted Ehle, John; Sobieski, Carol Scott, John Protat, François Castle Rock Entertainment [us]; Nelson Entertainment [us] USA 6.2 1021 2018-12 Shown(1x)
King of Jazz (1930)
Whiteman, Paul; Boles, John; La Plante, Laura; (and 21 others) Animation; Comedy; Music; Musical 98 min Anderson, John Murray Lowe Jr., Edward T.; MacArthur, Charles; Ruskin, Harry
Ash, Jerome; Mohr, Hal; Rennahan, Ray Universal Pictures [us] USA 7.4 489 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Rappin' (1985)
Van Peebles, Mario; La Salle, Eriq; Plowden, Melvin; (and 57 others) Drama; Music; Musical 92 min Silberg, Joel Friedman, Adam; Litz, Robert Jay Linn, Michael Gurfinkel, David Cannon Pictures; Golan-Globus Productions [us] USA 3.6 326 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: The Unseen Monster (1939)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Popeye: I Wanna Be a Lifeguard (1936)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Trail of Robin Hood (1950)
Rogers, Roy; Trigger; Edwards, Penny; (and 18 others) Musical; Western 67 min Witney, William Geraghty, Gerald Scott, Nathan MacBurnie, John Republic Pictures (I) [us] USA 6.2 122 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Little Women (1994)
Ryder, Winona; Byrne, Gabriel; Alvarado, Trini; (and 52 others) Drama; Family; Romance 115 min Armstrong, Gillian Alcott, Louisa May; Swicord, Robin Newman, Thomas Simpson, Geoffrey (I) Columbia Pictures Corporation [us]; DiNovi Pictures [us] USA; Canada 7.3 39080 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Crooks Anonymous (1962)
Phillips, Leslie; Baxter, Stanley; Hyde-White, Wilfrid; (and 38 others) Comedy; Crime 88 min Annakin, Ken Blyth, Henry; Davies, Jack Martin, George; Mathieson, Muir Steward, Ernest Independent Artists [gb] UK 6.3 328 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Double Dribble (1946)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short; Sport 7 min Hannah, Jack Banta, Milt; Berg, Bill Wallace, Oliver
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 6.9 316 2018-12 Shown(1x)
The Olympic Champ (1942)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short; Sport 7 min Kinney, Jack
Smith, Paul J.
Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.1 426 2018-12 Shown(1x)
How to Play Football (1944)

Animation; Comedy; Family; Short; Sport 7 min Kinney, Jack

Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 7.3 552 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Gus (1976)
Asner, Edward; Knotts, Don; Grimes, Gary; (and 34 others) Comedy; Family; Sport 96 min McEveety, Vincent Alsberg, Arthur; Key, Ted; Nelson, Don Brunner, Robert F. Phillips, Frank V. Walt Disney Productions [us] USA 5.9 1218 2018-12 Shown(1x)
You Never Can Tell (1951)
Powell, Dick; Dow, Peggy; Holden, Joyce; (and 7 others) Comedy; Fantasy 78 min Breslow, Lou Breslow, Lou; Chandler, David Salter, Hans J. Gertsman, Maury Universal International Pictures (UI) [us] USA 7.3 343 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Waikiki Wedding (1937)
Crosby, Bing; Burns, Bob; Raye, Martha; (and 13 others) Comedy; Musical; Romance 89 min Tuttle, Frank Butler, Frank; DeLeon, Walter; Hartman, Don; Martin, Francis Shuken, Leo Struss, Karl Paramount Pictures [us] USA 6.1 200 2018-12 Shown(1x)
The Holly and the Ivy (1952)
Richardson, Ralph; Johnson, Celia; Leighton, Margaret; (and 10 others) Drama 80 min O'Ferrall, George More Browne, Wynyard; de Grunwald, Anatole Arnold, Malcolm Scaife, Edward De Grunwald Productions [gb]; London Film Productions [gb] UK 7.9 455 2018-12 Shown(1x)
The Longest Yard (1974)
Reynolds, Burt; Albert, Eddie; Lauter, Ed; (and 37 others) Comedy; Crime; Drama; Sport 121 - 122 min Aldrich, Robert Ruddy, Albert S.; Wynn, Tracy Keenan De Vol, Frank Biroc, Joseph F. Albert S. Ruddy Productions [us]; Long Road Productions; Paramount Pictures [us] USA 7.1 13994 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Smokey and the Bandit II (1980)
Reynolds, Burt; Gleason, Jackie; Reed, Jerry; (and 33 others) Action; Comedy 100 min Needham, Hal Belson, Jerry; Kane, Michael; Levy, Robert L.; Needham, Hal; Yates, Brock Garrett, Snuff Butler, Michael C. Rastar Pictures; Universal Pictures [us] USA 5.2 12032 2018-12 Shown(1x)
Tom and Jerry: Ventriloquist Cat (1950)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Mandrake, the Magician: At the Stroke of Eight (1939)

2018-12 Shown(1x)
Popeye: Let's Get Movin (1933)

2018-12 Shown(1x)